Dinner and a Movie: The Indian in the Cupboard

Dinner and a Movie for The Indian in the Cupboard includes recipes for Leftover Turkey Pot Pie and Apple Pie Cups for a fun and easy family movie night

Do you remember this wonderful film based on Lynne Reid Banks’s classic  middle grade novel?  My oldest boy watched this one over and over.  I think it’s one of those movies that every kid wants to live in at some point or other.

In short, this film is perfect for this time of year.  The holidays lend themselves to lessons about tolerance and The Indian in the Cupboard makes the lesson fun. Also, this meal?  Perfect way to use all that leftover turkey.  I mean, I can’t even.
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Story Time: Uncle Rocky, Fireman-Face Mask

Story Time: Uncle Rocky, Fireman-Face Mask includes fireman activities for kids, printables, a unit about visual impairment and more

You know that good feeling you get when you’re just standing around at work with a group of people swapping stories?  Everybody is so interesting.

Well, Uncle Rocky-Face Mask is a story about that feeling.  A bunch of heroic firemen hanging out at the station talking about the cool things they’ve done in their careers?  I’m in.

James Burd Brewster wins again with another incredible Glad to Do It! book.  In this one, Uncle Rocky is hanging out with his co-workers and the chief tells them a story about the time he saved a blind man from a burning building.  The story celebrates not only firefighters but the abilities of visually impaired people.  It might well be my favorite.

As always, Brewster includes true facts about being an everyday hero, from the steps the chief takes to head out to the emergency to the face mask he shares with the blind man.  Littles who love all things fireman will learn so much from this endearing tale.

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10+ Cool Book Gifts for Teen Readers

More than ten cool and fun book gifts for teen readers that are perfect for feeding your young bookworms this holiday season

You’ve worked their whole lives to make readers of them, and it has paid off.  Your teens are heavy into Story.  You rock.

But the holidays are coming and maybe you’re fretting over what to get your kids that will continue to encourage reading and still be cool.

Because teenagers. have to be. cool.

Don’t worry, Mama.  I’ve got you.  I even ran these gift ideas past my own teenagers, so I know they’re teen-approved.
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Story Time: Turk and Runt

Story Time: Turk and Runt activities include free printables, crafts, and more to enjoy with the Thanksgiving picture book by Lisa Wheeler

Turk and Runt by Lisa Wheeler may well be the cutest Thanksgiving book ever.  Turk is the best of the litter, destined for greatness, while Runt is continually ignored.  The problem?  Runt is the smart one.  And he seems to be the only turkey on the farm who knows why people keep coming to admire Turk as Thanksgiving approaches. Mom and Dad think Turk is up for a football team or lead in a ballet (Swan Lake–hahaha).  So while people are visiting the farm, Turk is showing off and trying to get chosen.  If only they would all listen to Runt!

Your littles will have a blast finding out if Turk ever catches on to the danger he’s in.  And I belly laughed at this book, so you’ll have fun, too.
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