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11 Awesome Activities to Do in the Rain


11 Awesome Activities to entertain your littles on a rainy day

Here’s the thing.  And it’s not normal.  It has rained here–hard, like storms and heavy showers–every day for over 2 weeks.  I have complained about it on Twitter and Instagram.  I have complained about it on this blog.  I am complaining because even though I love the rain, I love it when it is sporadic.  Even though the power of good storm is one of the most awe-inducing things Mother Nature does, even that loses its attraction after 2 weeks.  I have complained because my front yard is one gigantic puddle, my garden is wilting, even the trees in my forest are looking sketchy.  It’s too much.  I want to go outside.  For more than 5 or 10 minutes between storms.  I want to see blue sky.  It’s July, after all.  There should be blue sky.  I want to feel the sun on my skin, melanoma be damned.

But the forecast for the next 10 days includes one partly sunny day and 9 stormy ones.  So I better suck it up.  ‘Cause it ain’t going nowhere.  (Total purposeful double-negative.  You have to say that in the vernacular.)

So I spent the day thinking of things we can do in the rain.  And since they’re pretty cool, I thought I’d share them with you, beautiful reader.

11 Activities to Do in the Rain

11 Awesome Activities to entertain your littles on a rainy day

  1. Go Jump in Puddles Remember when you were little, and it would rain, and you would go outside after and think, “Man, that would be Awesome to jump in right now?”  But your mom entirely disagreed and warned you that if you did it you would ruin your shoes, your clothes, your… whatever.  Well, take the power back.  Throw on your swimsuits and flip flops and go find some puddles to jump in with your littles!  Don’t be a grown-up about it, either.  Get in there and Really Splash.  It will give you some energy and do your kids good to see you acting like a kid with them.
  2. Play Poohsticks If you have a particularly big puddle, or a stream or river near your house, find some good sticks and race them through the water.  If you’ve read Pooh at all, you know that Poohsticks involves dropping your sticks on one side of a bridge and rushing to the other side to see whose stick comes out first.  But it doesn’t have to be even that complicated.  Just play in the puddles.
  3. Set up a Tent Sound weird?  Well, sure it does.  But it’s kind of cool to be sitting warm and dry in a cozy tent while rain patters around you.  Take a favorite book and read together (I know: imagine Me suggesting that!), or a craft to do, or just sit and talk.  Tenting in the rain can provide a great opportunity to Just Be with your littles.
  4. Look for Worms Littlest has long been fascinated with the wiggly creatures.  He loves nothing more than to find them in puddles or in the driveway after a good rain.  Count how many you can find.  Collect some along with some dirt and add them to a jar to make a worm farm.  BAM! Teachable moment.
  5. Measure the Rainfall Another teachable moment provided by the rain.  Tape a ruler to the side of a clear glass or jar and set it outside.  You’ll be able to measure the amount of rainfall easily.  We actually did this when we studied weather, and the Littles got a kick out of seeing how much rain their jar collected.
  6. Follow a stream If you have a convenient ditch, gutter, or run-off close by, go follow the water and see where it leads you.  Our run-offs all run through the woods, down the hills into the ‘holler,’ to collect at an amazing rock waterfall that eventually takes it to river behind our land.  We follow them to the waterfall, but it gets a bit more dangerous down that far so then we have to walk. back. up. the hill. We sleep well at night when we do that. 🙂
  7. Have a Mudball Fight  You have to be really brave to do this and willing to hose everyone down and Still have to clean your bathtub later.  But the great thing is, it’s going to rain all week, so you can just hang the clothes outside and get the mud off them that way.  I promise you, Boys Love This.  Mom?  Not so much.
  8. Go Swimming We’ve been neglecting our pool because of the storms, but as long as there’s no lightning, it might be kind of cool to swim in the rain.  I’ve never tried it.  I’m going to this week.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.  I bet the Littles will think it a Grand Adventure.
  9. Paint with Rain There are a few ways to do this.  If you have a sidewalk, grab some chalk and take it out to draw pictures in the rain.  Watch what the rain does to your artwork.  Use it to make more artwork.  Or use powdered tempera paint to make pictures for the rain to turn into paintings.  Or grab some paper plates and food coloring.  Make an artistic piece on your plate with the food coloring and let the rain watercolor it.
  10. Make a Paper Boat for the Puddles  Don’t know how to make a paper boat?  Head over to Instructables for instructions.  When you’ve finished folding your boat, melt a little paraffin, dip the boat in with some tongs, then give it a couple minutes to harden.  Waterproof.  Boom.
  11. Dance in the Rain This is something Big and I used to do together every summer.  (When it was just me and him, the mess was a lot easier to clean up.)  I am bringing it back this week with glee.  The littles haven’t danced in the rain since they were very small.  It is imperative that I remind them how fun it is.

Kids love rain.  It’s fun for them.  Even when we’re at the end of our ropes during a wet season, we should remember that our littles don’t see it the way we do.  And maybe they’re right.  Maybe we are taking the rain for granted when we start hating.  So here’s to rain.  For another 10 days.  May I see it through the eyes of a child.  Before it breaks me.

Love wins,


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KT Brison is a former children’s librarian and educator who gave all that up for the most important job in her life—homeschooling her boys.Though she loves the outdoors and rambling around her farm, she can usually be found with her nose in a book. Any book. As long as it has words.
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KT Brison is a former children’s librarian and educator who gave all that up for the most important job in her life—homeschooling her boys. Though she loves the outdoors and rambling around her farm, she can usually be found with her nose in a book. Any book. As long as it has words.
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  1. What! Oh my goodness. In California, I am PRAYING for rain. Our grass is brown. We have Facebook shaming for those with green grass. Farmers and cities are fighting over water rights. Reading this sounds like an alternate reality.
    storiesofourboys recently posted…The Summer Moving Cycle, Happy Boys, and Praying for RainMy Profile

    • ktbrison@gmail.com

      April, sounds like we have opposite problems. You described something close to what we’re used to here at this time of year. It’s sunny today, though, so I’m going out to play!

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