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Meet KT


KT, Middle, and Littlest

A homeschool activity with my Littles–who have outgrown me

Hi there!  I’m KT. I’m a librarian, educator, and homeschooler who firmly believes that literature is our best source of education and that we can use it to learn every subject.  My goal in life is to provide my boys with a lit-based curriculum and to help you learn ways to add literature and lit-based activities to your own curriculum.

Lit Mama provides free printables, tutorials, and advice for using everything from picture books to classic novels in your classroom or homeschool.  Because it’s so beneficial to make books an important part of kids’ lives, I cover activities for all ages from birth through graduation.

Together, we can encourage an entire generation of readers and open-minded learners.


Brison family

My family – Big, Littlest, Martin, me, Middle

Some things you might want to know about me:

  • I’m a little bit snarky–some might call it sassy, I call it fun.
  • Charles Dickens tops my list of favorite authors and Stephen King runs a close second.  Might seem disparate, but they’re both character-driven authors, so…
  • My favorite food is melted cheese.  On anything.  Yeah yeah.
  • I grew up in the city, so even though we’ve lived on the farm for 10 years, I’m still learning.
  • My two youngest boys are taller than me.  Much taller than me.  Giants.  It’s so weird to have to look up at a kid I used to carry around.
  • My oldest son is my hero.  He manages to laugh no matter what life throws at him.
  • My husband has the most beautiful singing voice I’ve ever heard.
  • But that doesn’t mean I don’t try to out-sing him.
  • When I read, I can’t hear, so don’t try to talk to me because I won’t answer you.  I am not being rude, I did not hear you.  Ask my family.  They will testify.


  1. Hi KT.

    I’m Diana Corbitt, a retired elementary school teacher who just had to start writing books the year she taught 2nd grade. Loved story time, reading picture books to all those eager little faces. Anyway, I discovered writing picture books was way harder than it looks. And since most of my teaching experience was with the upper grades, I started writing for them. If you’re interested here are the promo videos I’ve put together for my two books, Ghosters and Ghosters 2:Revenge of the Library Ghost. Hope you like them and decide to write me a review. Or ask for an interview. Hey, a girl can dream!

    Thanks for your time,

    Diana Corbitt

  2. Loving this site and all your wonderful book recommendations! Thank you!

  3. Love hearing stories like yours where you were involved in education and decided to try homeschooling and it was successful! I was a teacher for 10 years and decided to stay home after my two girls were born. I’m seriously thinking about homeschooling and stories like yours give me encouragement to go that route!

    • I am not going to lie, this is the most fulfilling job I’ve ever had. I can’t encourage you enough to go for it!

      • Yay! Thank you! I’ve only started looking into homeschooling. I read parts of The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home (Bauer and Wise) and I really like their approach and all the resources they list. I’ve read a few other books, but I’m still looking for more! Any recommendations for a mama just starting to look into homeschooling?

        • Truth? I didn’t read a single book before I started. I talked to people I knew who were doing it. (And it was scary. That’s ok. It scares Everybody.) I really do recommend Hirsch’s What Your X-Grader Needs to Know series for year-to-year help (although I only use them as rough guides these days), but your best bet is to keep making contacts through bloggers (such a wonderful community) and talk to people in your area who already homeschool. There. Enough parentheses. lol

          • Lol, thanks! Yeah, I’m quick to make friends and ask questions because it can be pretty time-consuming to sort through articles while chasing a few kiddos around. I’ll check out Hirsch’s book too! But…I have a few more questions, so hopefully, you’ll bear with me 🙂

            Any favorite bloggers you’d recommend checking out? Thanks!

          • I just posted my top 10 fave bloggers in General Homeschool Stuff. Check that out. 🙂

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