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Disclosure Policy

Disclosure Policy

You stopped by my blog because you believe I might be able to help you out with your homeschooling needs, or you thought I might have something cool to say about how to get your little to read (and read the good stuff).  Because you came here with a heart full of trust, it is on me to earn and keep that trust.  I intend to do that.

Therefore, though I do use advertisements and affiliate links on the blog, I will always disclose my affiliates on the right side or bottom of the page so you’ll recognize when I’m linking to them with a glance.  If you click on one of those links and make a purchase, I’m probably going to make a small commission off of it.  It won’t hurt you—not the least little sting.  The product doesn’t cost more because you bought it through a link on my blog.  I need to make money, but not in any kind of underhanded way.  You get me.   Mama don’t play that hide-me trick-me game.

Also, when I write a sponsored post you’ll be aware of it.  Here’s the thing.  Though I am offered free products and money to do reviews and the like, I will never lie to you about a product.  If I like it, I will sing its praises.  If I don’t, well, you’ll know that, too.  My point here is to provide you with quality information and resources to amp up your littles’ reading habits and homeschooling life, not snow you so I can make a little cash.

I mean, I like cash, but just not that much.


Lit Mama Homeschool Will Never sell or give away your personal information, including your name or email address.  That’s not my style.  I will only use your email address if you sign up for my newsletter, and then only to send you said newsletter.  You can unsubscribe at any time, and I won’t even put you on a hit list for doing so.

Okay, so Occasionally I might send you an email sharing information about companies I support, but that will only happen when I think the information is relevant and beneficial to you.  I understand how bogged down an inbox can get and I never want to be That Girl.

Keep in mind that if you leave a comment on the blog, while I Will Never use your information for Anything (except maybe to call you by name in my reply.  I’m nice like that.), all comments are Public so anything you post in the comment is liable to be viewed by the entire free world.  So don’t leave personal information  (i.e. email, address, phone number) in a comment unless you’re willing to share it with Everybody.

That’s all.  Now go read the good stuff.



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