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Beezus and Ramona Activities for Learning


Beezus and Ramona Activities for Learning has more than 50 activities for reading comprehension and fun

Ramona Quimby is one of my all time favorite characters. Poor, misunderstood, trouble-making Ramona. Her first book, Beezus and Ramona, isn’t told from her point of view but her older sister’s. And Beezus is extremely annoyed with Ramona All The Time. But she’s a good sister. There are so many laugh-out-loud moments in this book that any little would enjoy reading it.

Short and easy to read, Beezus and Ramona is a perfect story for introducing chapter books to littles, and you don’t have to wait with this one. Read it to them when they’re 4 like Ramona is in the book. Read it to them when they’re 6 and they’re ready to start learning comprehension. Read it to them when they’re 8 and they can use these activities to deepen their understanding.

Beezus and Ramona Activities

Keep in mind, your child does not have to do every one of these activities in order to have a deeper comprehension of the book.  Picking a few from each category will work.

Journal entries

Write an entry about:

  • Your biggest problem
  • If you have a sibling, describe him or her.  If you don’t write about the kind of sibling you would like to have or the kind of sibling you not like to have
  • From Beezus’s point of view discussing her feelings about Ramona always getting called adorable when Beezus doesn’t.  How would that make you feel?
  • How you use your imagination.  Make up a completely imaginary story about something you saw when you were out like Ramona’s story about the fire truck
  • How it would feel to never get rewarded for your creative work
  • Beezus worries she has no imagination.  Is there a personality trait you wish you had or wish you had more of?  Write about it
  • Describe your best friend and why you like him/her
  • A time when a sibling or friend made you so mad you felt like you didn’t like them at all
  • Describe a favorite aunt, uncle, or other relative and tell what makes that person so special
  • A time you did something bad.  Did you get in trouble for it?  Explain
  • What you do on rainy days
  • A party you’ve been to with your friends
  • If you’ve seen a parade, describe what you saw and heard
  • A special birthday you once had


  • Steam shovels
  • Pegasus
  • Dragons
  • Tiddlywinks
  • Christopher Columbus
  • Emery bag
  • Famous sisters:  Charlotte, Anne, and Emily Bronte, Emily and Zoey Deschanel, Jessica and Ashley Simpson, etc.

Write a letter

  • From Beezus to Ramona telling her all the things she should stop doing and why
  • From Ramona to Bendix telling her why she loves her and why she named her Bendix
  • From Beezus to Ramona explaining why she should like quiet stories like Peter Rabbit
  • From Beezus to Mrs. Wisser apologizing for Ramona’s behavior when they met her on the sidewalk
  • From Miss Evans to Ramona telling her why she shouldn’t have written in the library book
  • From Ramona to Miss Robbins thanking her for letting Ramona paint
  • From Beezus to Miss Robbins telling her how hard Beezus is trying in art class
  • From Beezus to Wayne telling him why he shouldn’t have ‘picked on’ Ramona
  • From Henry to Ramona asking her to let him and Beezus play without interruption
  • From Ramona to Ribsy reprimanding him for locking her out of the bathroom
  • From Henry to the Quimby’s neighbor thanking her for helping get Ribsy out of the bathroom
  • From Ramona to Beezus explaining that she wasn’t trying to be a pest, she just wanted someone to play with
  • From the girls to Aunt Beatrice asking her to visit
  • From Mrs. Quimby to Beezus reminding her why sisters should like each other
  • From Beezus to Ramona explaining why it’s mad to take just one bite out of each apple
  • From Beezus to Aunt Beatrice inviting her to her birthday dinner
  • From Mrs. Quimby to Aunt Beatrice telling her how much she misses her
  • From Mrs. Quimby to Ramona telling her why she shouldn’t invite people to a party without asking first
  • From Ramona to Beezus explaining why she put Bendix in the oven with the birthday cake
  • From Beezus to Ramona reprimanding her for ruining her birthday cake twice
  • From Beezus to Aunt Beatrice thanking her for her cake and gifts
  • To your sibling or friend forgiving them for something they did that angered you


Write a short essay about:

  • Proper library behavior and/or how to get a library card
  • Interview your parents’ siblings and ask how they and your parents were alike as children and how they were different
  • What it takes to make a great art project
  • How siblings should treat each other


  • Try doing embroidery
  • Make a collage of your name
  • Paint an imaginary animal
  • Make a necklace from beads and/or seeds
  • Make dollhouse furniture out of household goods
  • Make Christmas ornaments out of straws
  • Create an invitation to Ramona’s party
  • Make a birthday cake from construction paper


  • Cotton candy
  • Lollipops
  • Cookies
  • Applesauce
  • Graham crackers
  • Marshmallows
  • Combine the graham crackers and marshmallows and make s’mores
  • Fig newtons


  • Watch the movie after you’ve read the book and compare the two
  • Read Peter Rabbit
  • Play checkers or tiddlywinks
  • Read Hansel and Gretel

All of these activities will make a very fun book even more fun.  So grab a copy of Beezus and Ramona and have a good laugh with your littles.  Then do some crafts, write some letters, make a journal for them to write in.  Find out about steam shovels and play a game.  Your littles will see just how fun reading is.

And that’s what matters.

Love wins,


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  1. Great ideas! I LOVE Beezus and Ramona!
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  2. As an ex early years practitioner, I am all for anything that makes learning fun and this looks like it does#whattoreafsednesday@_karendennis
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  3. LOVE Beezus and Ramona. What a great list of letter writing ideas and other activities to enrich learning with this book!

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