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Story Time: The Little Drummer Mouse

The Little Drummer Mouse activities include 2 science projects involving light, a printable, a Christmas Drum Craft tutorial, and a Star Shortbread Cookies

One of my favorite Christmas songs is The Little Drummer Boy. I’m not making this up, I still choke up every time I hear it so bad that I can’t sing along with the end.

I love the idea of anyone, anywhere, being able to make a difference.  It’s magic to me that we all have that inside us.

So when I came upon Mercer Mayer’s The Little Drummer Mouse, I was sold the instant I saw the cover.  Then I opened it.  And nearly wept at the gorgeous illustrations.  The story is just what you would want it to be:  The little drummer mouse is teased about his drum by all the other animals.  The animals hear of a royal family coming through the forest so that a baby king may be born.  They don’t recognize the family as royal and give up waiting for them, but the little drummer mouse sees a bright new star in the sky and follows it to the stable where the baby is resting.  The rest is just like the song, with the baby king loving the drum more than any of his other gifts.

Le sigh.  So freaking sweet.

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Story Time: Isabella-The Cow Who Wanted to Sing

Story Time: Isabella-The Cow Who Wanted to Sing includes farm and cow activities to extend the picture book by J B Allen

Oh me. Oh my.

You guys know I love finding new authors for your littles’ reading pleasure.  It is my favorite.  And I have found you another one that is going to make you very happy.  J.B. Allen writes about the animals at Elm Grove (which happens to be a real farm–how much does that rock?!) and she does it with style.

Isabella: The Cow Who Wanted to Sing is just about the most precious thing I’ve ever read.  And I mean that in the best way.  So when I was given the chance to get my hands on it for a Story Time, I was thrilled.  Thrilled, y’all.  Because this book.  I can’t even.

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Dinner and a Movie: Disney’s A Christmas Carol

Dinner and a Movie-Disney's A Christmas Carol include recipes for Slow-Cooker Roast Beef with Sweet Potatoes and Christmas Pudding with Butter Brandy for a fun family night this holiday seasonYou already know what a huge Dickens fan I am.  I’ve never read one of his books that I didn’t absolutely love.  Of course, A Christmas Carol is the story most of us are introduced to first (because there are so many movies based on it) and I’m no different in that respect.  So it remains one of my favorite stories ever, even though I didn’t actually read it until years after I first saw it on film.

Disney’s version is awesome in that it is the one film version that captures Dickens’ sense of humor.  With Jim Carrey playing Scrooge, you’re gonna get some sense of humor.  So this holiday season, you should totally watch it with your kids and make a delicious meal to go with it.

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2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Books for All Ages

The 2017 Holiday Book List has books for all ages that would make wonderful gifts this season

Books are my favorite.  But you know that, right?  I believe there should be at least one book under every single Christmas tree this year, one book given for at least one night of Hanukkah, and yeah, Kwanzaa should totally be celebrated with a book.  So part of my job passion here is to help you find books to give your kids that will rock their socks off.

If you haven’t checked out my awesome ideas for cool gifts for teen readers, you need to take a look at all the awesome stuff my boys approved to get your teens this year.  It was a lot of fun to put together, but you know me–the Lit Mama has to give you some book ideas for all the kids.

Because books rock.  And if you filled my stocking and underneath my tree with books, you would be my best friend.  And every-everybody should feel the same.

Since you’re doing your best to raise lifelong readers, I have some ideas for books that will knock your kiddos socks off.  What are we waiting for?

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