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12 Months of Literary Activities: Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins activities include history, science, and art extensions and a recipe for Mrs. Corry's Gingerbread you can make with your kids!  Part of 12 Months of Literary Activities.

Who doesn’t love Mary Poppins?  If you’ve only seen the movie, I definitely recommend reading the book with your kiddos.  The movie has more plot, but if you go at the book like each chapter is its own short story, you won’t be disappointed.

Raising kids should be fun, and kids should have fun.  This book has that in spades.  Which makes it a pleasure to teach from.
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12 Months of Literary Activities: To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird activities include a fun craft project for a Boo Radley Knothole Tree. Kids will love recieiving small gifts in this tree they made themselves. Part of 12 Months of Literary Activities

Oh me.  Oh my.  I’ve probably read To Kill a Mockingbird 10 times.  I remember the first time I read it with the boys.  It was before we even started homeschooling.  But I’m a firm believer in introducing little littles to good lit as soon as they can hear.

Also, those acceptance and diversity lessons can never start too early.

People acted shocked that I would read such a loaded book with kids so young.  I acted shocked that they wouldn’t.  It was a grand time.

You really can read this book with kids of any age so long as you’re prepared to have real, honest conversations about some of the more delicate subjects.   And there is so much you can learn while reading it!
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12 Months of Literary Activities: The Wind in the Willows

The Wind in the Willows activities include science and history reading extensions and a tutorial for a summer/winter riverside art project for kids

This book, y’all.  It was one of my childhood favorites and remains so to this day.  I always wanted to live in Toad Hall.  I know, Toad is supposed to be the bully in the story, but he’s the reason I love toads.  I wanted his house.

The boys were just as enchanted as I was by the story of Rat, Mole, Badger, and all the animals of the riverside.  We were able to create a unit based on this book that brought in all kinds of interesting stuff that led to nature walks and rabbit trails aplenty.  There’s a reason The Wind in the Willows is still read by people of all ages.  It has All The Things.
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12 Months of Literary Activities: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz activities include reading extensions to incorporate other subjects into your fun and a craft tutorial for Craft Stick Characters of Oz.  Part of 12 Months of Literary Activities.

I’ve never met anybody who didn’t like the story of The Wizard of Oz.  Even if they’ve never read the book.

But I’m telling you, you and your kids should totally read the book.

Because the slippers were silver, y’all.  And while the story of how they became ruby for the film is pretty cool, silver slippers are also awesome.
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