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12 Months of Literary Activities: Robinson Crusoe

Make your own Robinson Crusoe Island Journal--the perfect kids' craft to make while reading the book. Part of 12 Months of Literary Activities.

The boys and I read Robinson Crusoe together when they were in the 4th and 2nd ‘grades.’

No, I’m not making that up.  I’ve been telling you for years that you can read ANYTHING aloud with your children.  It took the boys a few chapters to get used to the language, and yeah, I had to stop and explain words on numerous occasions, but they loved, loved, loved the book.  And we got a ton of educational opportunities out of it.

What child wouldn’t love to imagine getting to spend some time alone on an island, eating whatever he wants, raising goats, building rafts, and all kinds of fun stuff?  My boys thought it would be great fun.  And they learned lots while we read the book.
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12 Months of Literary Activities: Little House on the Prairie

Building a craft stick log cabin with your kids is just one of the fun Little House on the Prairie activities you can do while you read the children's book.

This book. Right, y’all?  The Little House series is a homeschooler’s dream.  There’s no better look at the States’ pioneer days and it’s even better that they’re written for kids.

If you’re stressing about just how to use literature to teach all the things, Little House is the place to start.  It practically hands you lessons on a pewter platter.  So many of the things we teach are included.  History.  Character.  Sociology.  Cooking.

Cooking, my friends.  One of the funnest ways ever to teach math.
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12 Months of Literary Activities: Black Beauty

12 Months of Literary Activities: Black Beauty includes a kids' craft tutorial for a Felt Black Beauty Meadow and other teaching activities to accompany Anna Sewell's classic book.

For February, there is no better book than Black Beauty.  It’s an easy read-aloud that pulls in young learners with its action and adventure and lessons on everything from how to care for a horse to how to practice kindness with all living things.

Anna Sewell’s timeless tale of a horse’s life is a brilliant book for teaching.  With almost no effort, your kiddos will learn the parts of a horse, what horses like to eat, how to treat horses, and lots and lots of lessons about friendship and human nature.
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12 Months of Literary Activities: Winnie-the-Pooh

Hands-onn activities are great extensions for fiction that teach kids other subjects. This Winnie-the-Pooh craft for a Very Useful Pot is just one of the activities recommended in 12 Months of Literary Activities.

Winnie-the-Pooh is one of my all-time faves.  The coolest thing about Milne’s original stories is that they contain so much childhood.  Magic and mystery and friendship that can’t be broken.  Adventures and games and laughter and delight.  All Things Childhood.

The other cool thing is that you can teach a lot of subjects out of these stories.  When the boys and I read Pooh together for school, we had a lot of fun because we found science-y things and history things and grammar things and art things… Lots of good stuff that meant we could spend whole days in Pooh’s world and still have a full school day.

What’s not to love?
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