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Story Time: Goodnight Goon

Story Time: Goodnight Goon - Crafts, actvities, printables, and a recipe to go with the Halloween picture book

I don’t care who you are, if you’ve ever read Goodnight Moon with your littles and you like Halloween, you Have To Own This Book.  Don’t think for a moment I bought it for my kids.  This one is All Mine.

Because it’s awesome.

I squealed when I saw Goodnight Goon in the store. 

Squealed, y’all.  Because I do love a parody, especially one that involves Halloween-y stuff.  And this one?  Oh. Yeah.  It has the stuff.

I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks, so let’s get to it.
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27 Halloween Reads for Teens and Tweens

27 Halloween Reads for Teens and Tweens

You’re probably aware by now that YA is my genre of choice.  It wasn’t always.  Being a children’s librarian led me to the genre and once there I stayed.  Now you can pretty much find me reading either YA or a classic.  I’m not much of an in-betweener these days.  It helps that my boys are reaching the YA age.  I have a teen and a tween, so I’m not only on the lookout for good books for myself anymore.  In fact, Middle has read a lot of my faves in the past year.  I love when he comes to me for a recommendation.  Littlest is just getting to that point, so I want to be ready with the goods when he asks.

Since October is my favorite month, Halloween my favorite holiday, and YA my favorite genre, I am well prepared to recommend books for your teen or tween to read to put them in the spirit of the season.  In fact, you might want me to shut up here in a minute.

I probably won’t.

Fair warning.
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Printable Halloween Poems

Spooky poetry printable to read with your litlles from Lit Mama Homeschool

Poetry is probably the highest form of language, in my opinion.  In any language.  In no other written art form can you find both succinct use of words and lovely, stark images to such a degree.  I have always been a reader of poetry.  In fact, you may not know this but I was a published poet myself for a while.  I mean, I guess I still am. I just stopped writing it when I met my beautiful husband.  Turns out I can write some really deep stuff when I’m feeling lonely or melancholy, but not so much when I’m happy.  And since I’ve been happy for the better part of 17 years, I stopped trying.  But lines still pop into my head from time to time.  And I still jot them down in a journal.  Because I like to think in poetry still.  I like to look at the world and think of it in beautiful ways.  I’m a writer, y’all–I’m always describing my surroundings to myself and running an inner dialog.

I want my boys to look at the world through poets’ eyes, too, even if they never write a verse outside of school.  In this age of text speech, it’s important to me to teach them to think whole thoughts and have a reality based in real words.
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Carving out Family Time With Halloween Classics

12 Halloween Classics to Read With Your Family

Around the Brison farm, there is nothing we like better than family time.  Family hikes.  Family game nights.  Family movie nights. Family trips.

But if you’re asking the Lit Mama, there is nothing better than family reading time.  You’ve probably read with your littles—bedtime stories, picture books, chapter books—but have you ever considered reading a novel together as a family?  A little evening time when mama, dada, and kids can all gather around to enjoy a story together?

Picking a novel the whole family can enjoy and reading a chapter a night after dinner is a brilliant way to wind down, spark amazing discussions, and unplug.  I have an image in mind of the Ingalls of Little House, sitting around the fireplace and reading together.  Don’t you want that kind of closeness with your family?  Don’t you just want to turn off the TV and all the other buzzing, annoying electronics and distractions and just be with the people you love?

Yeah yeah.  I sure do.

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