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Black Beauty Activities for Learning

MBlack Beauty Activites for Learning: Letters, journal entries, research projects, craft ideas and more for Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

We read Black Beauty as a class several years ago, and all three of us enjoyed it immensely.  Told from the point of view of the horse, Black Beauty addresses the issues of kindness to animals proper treatment of horses.

Anna Sewell slipped and injured her ankle as a teenager, making her unable to stand without a crutch or walk for any length of time.  She became dependent on horses because carriages were a must in her life.  She came to love the animals and to deplore their treatment by so many people of her time.  In her own words, Sewell wrote Black Beauty  “to induce kindness, sympathy, and an understanding treatment of horses.”

(Cool tidbit–Black Beauty was the first-ever popular novel told from the POV of an animal. Without it, we might not have such wondrous books as Watership Down, The Wind in the Willows, or Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh.  Think about that for a sec.)

We learned so much about horses by reading this book.  If you want your littles to get even more out of it, try some of the following activities to get them thinking.
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Beezus and Ramona Activities for Learning

Beezus and Ramona Activities for Learning has more than 50 activities for reading comprehension and fun

Ramona Quimby is one of my all time favorite characters. Poor, misunderstood, trouble-making Ramona. Her first book, Beezus and Ramona, isn’t told from her point of view but her older sister’s. And Beezus is extremely annoyed with Ramona All The Time. But she’s a good sister. There are so many laugh-out-loud moments in this book that any little would enjoy reading it.

Short and easy to read, Beezus and Ramona is a perfect story for introducing chapter books to littles, and you don’t have to wait with this one. Read it to them when they’re 4 like Ramona is in the book. Read it to them when they’re 6 and they’re ready to start learning comprehension. Read it to them when they’re 8 and they can use these activities to deepen their understanding.
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Animal Farm Activities for Learning (with printables)

Animal Farm Activities for Learning includes over 50 prompts and ideas for reading comprehension and story enjoyment

Getting your young readers hooked on a good story doesn’t have to be too difficult, but sometimes comprehending the story isn’t enough.  Sometimes comprehending the meaning behind the story requires us to think on a deeper level.  For me, those are the best kinds of books.

One of my favorites in that respect is Animal Farm by George Orwell.

Basically a political treatise disguised as a children’s fable, Animal Farm has all the things.  And since it does, it might take a little work to get your readers thinking about it and understanding it the way they should.

Don’t worry.  I got you.  But first let’s talk about some of the key strategies for reading comprehension that you should implement no matter what you’re reading.

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Little Women Activities for Learning

Little Women Activities for Learning

You guys.  I love this book.

I mean, come on.  Strong female characters.  Girls who chase their dreams.  A beautiful family life.  And Christmas.  Sweet Christmas.  This is another one I like to read during the holidays and have read many times.  Because limes.

Okay, that’s not why, but I do love the limes scene.  I love all the scenes.  In fact, it’s hot and this book makes me think of winter, so I might start reading it tomorrow.

Limes, y’all.
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