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Dinner and a Movie: Squanto-A Warrior’s Tale

Dinner and a Movie for Squanto: A Warrior's Tale Recipes for dinner, dessert, and snacksWelcome to my new series, Dinner and a Movie!  I’m so excited about this idea and I hope you are, too. 

Dinner and a Movie is going to rock, starting now.  Every month, on the first Friday, I’ll bring you a movie suggestion and recipes for a meal, dessert, and snack to go with the movie.  An entire family night, already planned.  Do you love it?!

I debated long and hard about what film to start out with on this launch.  New series, new film, right?  And I want to bring you book-based films for your family to enjoy together.  But I also want the film to be relevant to the present, the same way my Story Times are relevant to the present.  So I thought (it being November) a Thanksgiving-related movie would be best.  I hope you’re following my reasoning and not wondering why the heck I’m not suggesting something brand new.

Enjoying a movie on family night with a meal and snacks that relate to it is a great way to have fun and still have a bit of education thrown in.  Just don’t make it look like learning.  It’s sneakier.
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