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9 Fun Halloween Printables and Activities for Celebrating

Celebrate Halloween at home with fun printables, crafts, games, and movies.

Halloween can be hard on a mama. How do you decide what’s safe to do and how to celebrate with your kids in a wholesome, fun way without doing background checks on all your neighbors?

Because Halloween should be magical for kids. They get to dress up and for a few hours be someone (or something) else. My boys have been scarecrows, Pokemon cards, ghosts, zombies, pirates, even Jason Vorhees. Even after we started celebrating at home with a family party, they still dressed up in costumes. My youngest, who is now 13, still dons his zombie makeup every year.

Because that stuff is fun.
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How to Teach Reading with Phonics

I cannot live without books.... -Thomas Jefferson

You may not know this about me, but one of the reasons I pulled my boys from public school was my dissatisfaction with the way they’re teaching kids how to read now. I have literally seen it set kids up to be unable to spell or sound out difficult words. Of course, my boys were both already reading when they started kindergarten, but you know that scene in To Kill a Mockingbird where Scout’s teacher has a hissy fit because Scout hasn’t learned to read from the school?

Well, maybe it wasn’t that bad, but the lessons on how to read with sight words and all the other rigamarole confused them, for sure.

Y’all, reading is too important to risk that way.

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Earn College Credit for Homeschoolers with DSST Exams

Your high school homeschool student can earn college credit by taking these exams. Save time and money off your child's college education.

As we gear up for the new school year, those of us with homeschoolers in high school are already worrying about our kids’ futures.

College is an important step toward success in today’s world, and we want our kids to excel from the very first moment.

I’ve already told you about CLEP exams and how they can help your kids earn early college credit.  Couple those exams with DSST  exams, and you could shave more than a year off your child’s secondary education.

At a much cheaper price.

How is that not a win?
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