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Using Middle Grade Books to Navigate Life

Middle grade books that teach kids about life.  It's hard being a tween.  Let books show them they're not alone.

I learned to read when I was 4.  By first grade I was reading chapter books for 5th graders.  So by the time I got to the age where most kids read middle grade books, I had graduated to Stephen King and Charles Dickens.

One of the things I love most about my two favorite authors is that their books tend to have a young boy in them.  Especially King almost always has an 11 or 12 year old character and there’s always a coming-of-age theme around that kid no matter what the story is about.  I love coming-of-age stories.  12 is probably my favorite age for a kid, because it’s so cool to watch them discover the world beyond the cocoon of early childhood.

As an adult, becoming a children’s librarian made me go backward in time and start reading books for kids again.  It’s probably the best thing I ever did for myself, because it helped me to choose books for my own kids.
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How to Pilfer Me Time When There’s None to Spare

5 Tips for grabbing some me time when there's none to be had

I remember it well, even though it was nearly  10 years ago.  The look of complete shock on my brother-in-law’s face.  His disbelieving expression as he exclaimed my name.  His immediate judgment and censure.  What had I done to illicit this response?

Meh.  Nothing much.

I had merely told him I loved mowing the grass.

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The Andrews Family from Center for Lit Rock the HEAV Convention

Enter to Win a Family Registration to HEAV Homeschool Convention and Reading Roadmaps from Center for Lit

All right, my friends, settle in, because I have something very cool for you today.

As I mentioned in last week’s post, Center for Lit‘s amazing family members, Adam Andrews and his son Ian, are going to be speaking at the Home Educators Association of Virginia Convention June 8-10.   And I am totally going to be there.

You know what a crazy lit lady the Lit Mama is.  I can’t wait to attend these workshops.  Even better?  I got the chance to speak with Ian and ask him a few questions about his workshops and I’m even more stoked than I was last week.

But make sure you read All The Way To The Bottom, because I’m giving away a FREE FAMILY REGISTRATION to the HEAV Convention PLUS Center for Lit is giving away a FREE K-12 LITERARY SCOPE AND SEQUENCE: READING ROADMAPS to celebrate their participation!

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