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Free Zoo Printable Pack for What to Read Wednesday

Free printable zoo pack

It’s getting closer, y’all.

Zoo Season!

We love the zoo.  We buy season passes every year to our local zoo and have even taken a vacation that was a tour of all our regional zoos.  It was so. much. fun.  I love getting to see animals I might otherwise never see and I crush hard on the hard work zoos do to protect endangered species.   So of course I love books about the zoo.

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A Walk in the Forest (WTRW)

Books to take along for a walk in the forest

I mean, it’s my birthday.  So I’m going to make this super quick.

It’s been 7o degrees here in Indiana all week, and I’m stoked because that means for the first time ever it is warm on my birthday.  44 years of cold.  The warmest birthday I ever had was 56 degrees.

I should have known that the birthday that finally made me realize I’m closer to 50 than 25 would be magical somehow.  (And no, I am not complaining about being 45.  I’m not one of those people who would go back.  You couldn’t pay me to be in my 20s again.  I mean, shudder.)

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The Best Ways to Explore Space (WTRW)

Books and websites for learning about astronomy

One of the best times we’ve ever had in our homeschool was when we did an in-depth study of space and all it contains.  Outer space, my friends–all that yummy good stuff beyond our atmosphere.

I learned more by teaching my boys astronomy than I ever learned in any school I attended.  Today that is my favorite thing about homeschool.  That ability to really dive (or… fly?) deep into a subject and learn everything we can.  No limits.

Kind of like space itself.

We still take every chance we can to learn more about the multiverse, and we have some favorite tools that can help you and your littles learn, too.
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A Valentine for My Children

Pondering my love for my children on Valentine's Day

When I was young, my dad did this one thing that let me know, without a doubt, that he loved me and my sister.  Every year on Valentine’s Day he bought us a small gift, just from him.  It was such a simple but special thing to do that I carried on the tradition with my boys.  Every year I buy them a box of chocolates and some small gift.  When they were very small, it was stuffed animals.  Then it became action figures or books.

This year, along with their other gifts, because they are all getting almost too old for such things, I thought I would let them know just how I feel about each of them.

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