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Using Picture Books for a Spring Animal Study

Using picture books is a great way to start an animal study with your kids for spring. Find out how and get lots of free printables to supplement your lessons.

Spring is the perfect time to do an animal study with your kids.   The increase in activity after the winter months provides opportunities to see more animals in nature than at any other time of year.

What better way to begin an animal study than picture books?  Sure, picture books tend to personify animals, but good ones also provide insight into where animals live, what they like, and what behaviors we can expect from them.

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Using Dystopian Lit to Teach American Government

You can use good Dystopian lit to teach U.S. government to your kids in a way that will keep them interested and help them remember what they've learned

Government can be tricky to teach.  It fascinates me and my boys, but I’ve known plenty of people of all ages who find learning about how it works to be boring.

It’s not boring.  It’s awesome.

I digress.

If you’re looking for  a fun and engaging way to teach government to your littles, look no further than the closest good Dystopian novel.
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Teaching History with Literature

Learn how to use fiction to make history come alive for kids and help them remember their lessons even better

If you ask me what historical periods I am most acquainted with, it would be a toss-up between Victorian England and the Dark Ages.  I know things about these time periods that on a daily basis look like just worthless trivia, but they enrich my life and my perceptions in more ways than I can list.

Why do I know so much about those eras?  Well, I’ve mentioned before that Charles Dickens is my all-time favorite author.  (So, yeah, I’m even up on the French Revolution.) And my dirty little secret is that I seriously own more than 100 books about the Arthurian legends.

Seriously.  Yes, I have read them all.
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5 Ways to Make Reading Even More Fun

Want to to create lifelong readers and learners of your kids? Check out these 5 simple ways to make reading fun and teach them to enjoy reading!  These tips can be used for picture books or chapter books.

I know, sounds impossible, right?

Reading is already So Much Fun, how could we make it funner?!

Well, not everyone agrees with that.  In fact, my beautiful husband would disagree entirely.  So might some of your littles.  So how do we engage them, make them want to follow through on those 24, 240, or 863 pages of Awesome Fiction?  Well, I have some ideas.

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