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2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Books for All Ages

The 2017 Holiday Book List has books for all ages that would make wonderful gifts this season

Books are my favorite.  But you know that, right?  I believe there should be at least one book under every single Christmas tree this year, one book given for at least one night of Hanukkah, and yeah, Kwanzaa should totally be celebrated with a book.  So part of my job passion here is to help you find books to give your kids that will rock their socks off.

If you haven’t checked out my awesome ideas for cool gifts for teen readers, you need to take a look at all the awesome stuff my boys approved to get your teens this year.  It was a lot of fun to put together, but you know me–the Lit Mama has to give you some book ideas for all the kids.

Because books rock.  And if you filled my stocking and underneath my tree with books, you would be my best friend.  And every-everybody should feel the same.

Since you’re doing your best to raise lifelong readers, I have some ideas for books that will knock your kiddos socks off.  What are we waiting for?

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10+ Cool Book Gifts for Teen Readers

More than ten cool and fun book gifts for teen readers that are perfect for feeding your young bookworms this holiday season

You’ve worked their whole lives to make readers of them, and it has paid off.  Your teens are heavy into Story.  You rock.

But the holidays are coming and maybe you’re fretting over what to get your kids that will continue to encourage reading and still be cool.

Because teenagers. have to be. cool.

Don’t worry, Mama.  I’ve got you.  I even ran these gift ideas past my own teenagers, so I know they’re teen-approved.
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The Ultimate List of Autumn Books for Kids

The Ultimate List of Autumn Books for Kids with 13 categories

Everybody knows that as far as I’m concerned, there are two seasons:

Autumn. And waiting for autumn.

That’s because so many wonderful things happen in autumn.  The leaves change colors. Pumpkins ripen.  Apples come into season.  Scarecrows pop up everywhere.  Halloween brings monsters and ghosts and witches. Thanksgiving reminds us where we came from and to be grateful for where we are.

Yeah, autumn is  the stuff.

With so many cool things going on, there are lots and lots of autumn picture books for your littles to enjoy.  Here’s a list of some of our favorites divided by category.
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12 Incredible Books for Autumn

These incredible books will get your kids in the mood for fall and help them the celebrate the season

Even though it’s been in the 90s lately in southern Indiana, I’m longing  for a slight chill in the air, a mug of apple cider, and the short, golden days of autumn.  For me, no other season compares with autumn.  I love the cinnamon scent of fallen leaves, the bright colors that cover our hills, the scarecrows and Indian corn and pumpkins.  I love the first day I get to cozy up in a soft sweater.  I love hearing the leaves crunch under my boots when we take fall hikes in our woods.  Autumn also means deer season and all the work and joy that comes with it.  My favorite holiday, Halloween, comes in autumn.  So when I say I have books to recommend to go with an autumn study, I mean there are A Lot of books I could recommend.  I will try to behave.
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