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Story Time: A Christmas Star

A Christmas Star activities include a Foil Star Ornament Craft, a Wind Experiment, Christmas Star Peppermint Cookies and 2 Free Printables!

Mama Mouse and her adorable babies are back in Leea Baltes’ wonderful picture book, A Christmas Star.

This is cuteness overload with a message, y’all.

Little Jack Mouse makes a shiny foil star that is perfect for a Christmas tree, but the family has to visit Nana before they get their tree. Nana is sick and needs some soup, so the Mouse family bundle up and try to get to her before the snow comes. Jack ties a string to his Christmas star and takes it outside to see it sparkle in the sunlight, but the snow storm is moving in, and a fierce wind blows it into the branches of the the Mouses’ tree home.

Your child will thrill over how Jack’s Christmas star helps the family find their way home in the storm. And believe me, Christmas stars will have to be made.

Don’t worry. I got you.
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Story Time: In the Haunted House

Story Time: In the Haunted House activities include a free capitalization printable, a printable unit on bats, a haunted house paper craft, and Pumpkin Ghost Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting recipe.

Got a little that loves the shivers?  In the Haunted House by Eve Bunting is a perfectly shivery book without being too shivery.

It walks your kids through a haunted house, complete with ghossts, witches, bats, and other ghoulish inhabitants. Then at the end, you see that it’s a fake haunted house.

Even better? The dad is much more scared than the little girl who has just walked through it. Which is pretty funny.

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Story Time: Uncle Rocky-Sparky Protects

Fireman activities include language printable, Mentos and Cola science experiment, Fire engine craft, and double chocolate chip cookies to go with the picture book Uncle Rocky: Sparky Protects

I love Uncle Rocky books, and Sparky Protects is no exception. I’ve said it many times, but James Brewster’s amazing picture books about everyday heroes are perfect for kiddos who dream of crime-fighting, firefighting, and saving lives.

We’ve met Sparky before when Uncle Rocky rescued him to be a firehouse dog. In Sparky Protects, we get to see Sparky in action and find out if he has what it takes to be a fire dog.

With plenty of action and detailed descriptions, Sparky Protects will have your kids cheering for firefighters and appreciating the work a fire dog does.

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