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Story Time: Peter Rabbit

Story Time: Peter Rabbit - Crafts and Activities for the picture book

No way can we go through the Easter season without doing a Story Time on Peter Rabbit.  That is so not a thing.  So join me on a journey through Mr. McGregor’s delectable garden, and let’s find some amazing activities to go along with this classic story that every child should read at least 50 times before the age of 10.

Now, I have to tell you, these illustrations still spark my imagination.  There’s nothing quite like the sweetness of them.  Even more than the story itself, the illustrations speak to me.  I have wandered through them hundreds if not thousands of times, both as a child myself and with my own children.  I have imagined what it must have been like to be Peter, to be the cat in the garden or the bird, to be Mrs. Rabbit or Peter’s siblings.  I have imagined plucking the veggies from McGregor’s garden.  My boys have, too.  I’m betting your littles will as well.

Yeah yeah.

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Story Time: The Easter Egg

Story Time: The Easter Egg - Crafts and activities for the picture book

Easter is sneaking up on us, my lovelies.  I can tell by the way the garden is greening up, the peepers are singing at the pond this morning, and the geese and sandhill cranes are calling all day long as they migrate back to the north.  All these things whisper to me that it is almost time to dye eggs, make a scavenger hunt and hold on that for at least one more year my littles will be even remotely interested in the holiday.  It’s hard once they’ve outgrown a basket full of water guns and candy and the like.  And they found out 2 years ago that the Easter Bunny isn’t a real dude.

However, I do try to get them to hold on to some of the magic of these holidays that lose their luster when they realize I’ve been lying to them all their lives.  I figure if they don’t hate me for it, they can’t hate the Easter Bunny.  So we still dye eggs together every year, only now I don’t have to sneak outside somehow at 7 am to set up the hunt.  It works out better for mama, anyway.

Since Easter is hippity-hoppity on its way, let’s do a story time about a beautiful children’s book, The Easter Egg by Jan Brett.  I love Ms. Brett.  Her poetic illustrations are even better than her sweet stories.  Seriously, I’m a grown up (claimed!) and I could look at these pictures all day.  I can only imagine how they effect little kids. The story itself is amazing, and watching Hoppi accidentally stumble on his own amazing version of an Easter Egg is magical.  However, you are here for activities to go along with all this goodness, and I am happy to provide.

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Story Time: The Lorax

Story Time: The Lorax - Crafts and activities for the picture book

Happy Seuss Week, Everybody!!

I know, this is my 3rd Seuss in a row, but I promise I’ll lay off for a while after.  And who can resist the stinkin’ Lorax?  Not this girl!

Ah, the Lorax.  I love that dude.  Who else shows children the dangers of commerce and deforestation quite so well?  We’ve been learning a lot about deforestation and its effects on animal species during our Asia studies, and the Lorax gets referenced often.  Beyond all that, The Lorax is a great rhyme with lots of whimsy that your littles will truly enjoy.  How can you add to their enjoyment?  Let me count the ways!

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