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Story Time: Little Bear’s Valentine

Story Time: Little Bear's Valentine - Crafts and activites to go with the picutre book

Well, my lovelies, the Lit Mama is getting all geared up for Valentine’s Lovey Lovey Heart Day, and this beautiful book is a great way to cuddle up with your favorite Valentine.  Little Bear has always been one of my most-loved picture-book characters.  His world is so gentle and sweet.  I often read him to my Littles and Big both when they were very small because I wanted them to get to view the world from such a tender perspective.  This particular story, Little Bear’s Valentine,  continues our Valentine’s mother-child theme, which rocks my socks off.

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Story Time: A Pocket Full of Kisses

Celebrate Valentine's Day and learn all about raccoons with free printables, crafts, and snack recipes from Story Time: A Pocket Full of Kisses.

Valentine’s Day is not far away, and many of us homeschoolers are looking forward to some easy peasy lessons to go along with it.  If you’re expecting red and pink here, get over it. I think Valentine’s Day should be about All Kinds of love, so we’re going to look at Audrey Penn’s beautiful book, A Pocket Full of Kisses.  It’s blue.  And it’s about the best kind of love there is.
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Story Time: Hildilid’s Night

Learn all about nighttime with free printables, crafts, and recipes for Story Time: Hildilids Night

We’ve done a couple story times that involved snow (both The Mitten by Jan Brett and Owl Moon by Jane Yolen), so let’s move on to that other resident of winter–nighttime.  Because we all know night lasts for about 3 years every day during January.  And if you’ve never read this great book by Cheli Durán Ryan–and illustrated in pen and ink by the great Arnold Lobel–then you’re in for a real treat.

The best lesson you and your littles can glean from this book is one of tolerance.  You may be wondering where I’m going with this, but it’s a really good book for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (or as Littlest calls it, Milk Day–get it? MLK-Milk?).  Hildilid hates night, so she hates all things associated with night-“bats and owls and moles and voles and moths and stars and shadows and sleep.”   She tries a ton of ways to get rid of night, but night will not go away.  It really gives you a good place from which to jump start a tolerance conversation.  Hildilid is going to have to learn to live with night, just like we should all learn to live with one another’s differences.  So that’s lesson number one.  I mean, you’re welcome.  There’s a lot more fun stuff to do with this book, so stay with me.
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Story Time: Owl Moon

Story Time: Owl Moon - Crafts and activities for the picture book

The Greatest German Shepherd in the World wanted out at 5:30 this morning.  So I bundled up (because it was -1 degree outside) and stepped out on the back porch with him.  The ground was covered in snow, the stars were bright chips in the velvet night, the air was crisp (to say the least).  I stood there, breathing, enjoying the quiet.  Then I heard it.


If you’re a country dweller you know that even out here, the sound is rare.  I held my breath.  It came again.  I couldn’t have stopped the slow smile from spreading across my face at gunpoint.  Owls are such lovely, mysterious creatures, aren’t they?  All the more so because we rarely catch a glimpse or a sound of them.  We know they’re there, hunting the woods and the fields at night, but they are such silent fliers, such very nocturnal animals, we generally only get to enjoy them in zoos.
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