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YA Book Review: Runes by Ednah Walters

YA Book Revew: Runes by Ednah Walters

If you’re looking for a new paranormal series to delve into, Runes is pretty stinkin’ good. 

Raine Cooper’s life is pretty ordinary.  Her best friend is on his way to being her boyfriend.  She’s on the swim team at school and is close with her teammates.  The only weird thing that’s ever happened in her life is the plane crash that took her father’s life.  Of course, they never found his body and Raine’s mother refuses to believe he’s gone.

I mean, that’s a lot to deal with, but it’s somewhat normal, right?

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YA Book Review: A Tragic Kind of Wonderful

Review of the YA novel A Tragic Kind of Wonderful by Eric Lindstrom - Lit Mama Homeschool

This book.  This book, y’all.  I have Never (and I really mean that) felt so much sympathy for a character.  I have never so strongly cheered a character on or felt such a tremendous amount of hope as I read.  And she was written by a boy.  And Eric Lindstrom has his own special kind of magic.  How is this only his second book?  How does an author get that honed that quickly?  I’m in awe.

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YA Book Review: Foundling Witch and Giveaway Winners!


YA Book Review: Foundling Witch

I hadn’t done a tween review in a while and I wanted to read something Halloween-y (because otherwise what’s the point of October?), so I went through my Kindle/Netgalley files and found this gem just sitting there all alone in technology world, waiting for me to remember its existence.  I. am. so. glad. it waited.

Because Foundling Witch was fun and spooky and a little hair-raising and cool

–all the things my own 11 year old requires in a book, so I assume yours does, too.

Remember the Slavic folk tale of Baba Yaga?  Particularly the picture book Bony-Legs by Joanna Cole?  Well, Baba Yaga is the ultimate bad guy to Anna Sophia’s good girl.  And I do so love it when authors re-imagine old tales and give them new life.
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YA Book Review: Golden + a Shannon Wendtland Giveaway!!

I love discovering new authors to recommend.  If you don’t already know how I feel about Shannon Wendtland, check out my reviews of A Quarrel Called and A Calling of Quarrels, the first 2 books in the Stewards of the Plane series.  Now, I’m told Shannon has been busily typing away at finishing the 3rd book, and I promise you that when the time comes I will let you know how it measures up to the others.  I have no doubt it will blow my mind.  That’s what Shannons do.  To celebrate the October 4 release of A Calling of Quarrels, Shannon and I decided to offer you a giveaway of epic proportions.  3 prizes.  3 chances to win.  And they all involve my 2 favorite books of the year.   So after you read this review of my latest discovery, scroll down and enter that stuff.  Because yeah yeah.
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