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Homeschool Help

Affordable Homeschool Consultations to get you started

Just getting started? Need to shake things up? Not sure how to make literature a part of your homeschool?

If you would rather talk to me so you can ask specific questions, I’m available Monday-Friday for Homeschool Consultations.  I’m also available via email if you need guidance but are feeling too shy for a phone call!


Choosing the Perfect Fiction Books for Your Homeschool Year - 5-Lesson eCourse

Choosing the Perfect Fiction Books for Your Homeschool Year

Wondering how to wade through all the advice and pick a perfect year’s worth of fiction to enhance your homeschool?  Having trouble figuring out which books will match up with your regular curriculum?  Don’t know if you should be reading aloud with your homeschoolers?

Get answers to these questions and more with a complete, 5-lesson ecourse that will walk you through picking the perfect books (and the perfect number of books) to make this homeschool year rock!

Together we can rock this school year!

How to Teach Introductory Poetry to Kids is a comprehensive ecourse that includes 15 workbooks and over 200 printables for use in your classroom

How to Teach Introductory Poetry to Kids

If you’re intimidated by poetry or you like it and just aren’t sure how to teach it to your students, this course is for you!  Don’t understand the language of poetry?  Unsure how to interpret poems?  Wondering how to make poetry fun?

Get answers to all your poetry questions, plus a walk-through and complete course schedule for teaching poetry to kids of any age.  With just 7 lessons and a little focus on your part, you will understand poetry and exactly how to teach it in your classroom.

Don’t worry; together we’ve got this poetry thing!


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