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More Autumn Fun


Have I mentioned that autumn is my favorite season?  October has been an amazing month for me.  It usually is.  I feel like I get more grounded with the earth during this time of year–it’s a good time to appreciate sunlight, growing things, and the way the seasons turn to provide us with all we need to live.  The nights are getting longer, but not too long yet.  There’s still plenty of time to get outside, and it’s not too hot to really enjoy it.  This is when we start really hiking our woods.  The geese are back on the pond, calling to each other in the wee, dark hours of morning when my body is telling me I should still be asleep in the dark but the alarm is telling me to haul my butt out of bed and get the day started.  The air is crisp.  It feels like you can reach out and grab it and pull it into you instead of normal, boring, old breathing.  It tingles on your sun-warmed skin.  Sure, sometimes it’s just plain cold, but that’s the price we temperate dwellers pay for getting the beauty of autumn leaves and the joy of awakening spring.

I’ll take it.  All day long.


We always celebrate autumn here at the Brison house in myriad ways.  This year, we traveled half an hour to another rural town and visited a family-run corn maze.  Big even joined us on this family outing.  It turned out to be aimed more toward much younger kids, but we made the most of our day there.  The funnest part was, of course, the corn maze itself.

IMG_1097We got our map and headed in.   At first the Littles were running pell mell through the thing, and we lost them a time or two until Martin (Mr. Super Overprotective) called them back and told them it would work better if we followed the map.  I looked at the map.  Big looked at the map.  The Littles looked at the map.  We all looked back at Martin.  He could read that?  And really tell where we were?



So we let my beautiful husband take the lead.  Because it was all mumbo jumbo to me.  We had a blast cheating our way through the maze.  Twice, Martin looked at the map, looked at the available paths and said, “That doesn’t make sense.  We need to go that way.”  We tried a path or two.  They led nowhere.  Another path.  Wrong direction.  One wicked grin on my beautiful husband’s face later, and we were squeezing through corn rows that were not part of the path, risking supernatural intervention by making jokes about Stephen King’s great short story, Children of the Corn.  We didn’t feel too bad about cheating.  It made the whole thing a bit more exciting for everyone.


The Littles surprised me by still being young enough to want to mine for gems in the sluice provided.  They came away with some treasures like amethyst, lapis lazuli, agate, and quartz.  Big helped them gather up even the smallest of rocks and I promised to get out our Rocks and Minerals book when we returned home so we could know exactly what everything was.  There were a few stones that none of us recognized while at the corn maze, but that’s the power and value of good books, no?  We learn every time we open them.  Love those teachable moments.

IMG_20151010_125154222 IMG_20151010_125818447_HDR

They had a pumpkin patch that you rode out to on a tractor-pulled wagon, but we had (unfortunately) already picked up our pumpkins for this year, so we decided not to go.  We admired it from afar, realized we didn’t need more pumpkins, and moved on.  Which kinda sucked, because I really wanted to go on a wagon ride.  I was soundly outvoted.  Blah.

We stopped and got apple cider slushies before we left, and they were delicious, but Martin and I decided it was just frozen applesauce with a bit of cider of thrown in for flavor, so we’re going to try to make them at home. The place advertised pumpkin ice cream, but they didn’t have any.  So that sucked, too.

No problem.  We went to a local produce market that serves it all fall and got a pumpkin ice cream cone on the way home.

If that’s not an Autumn Celebration Day, I don’t know what is.  I hope you’re getting your own littles out in this weather, celebrating this season, and doing all the fun things autumn provides.

Oh, and read some good autumn books.  Check out my Story Time series if you want some suggestions.

Love wins,


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