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Homeschool Printables

Homeschool resources include worksheets, mini unit studies, planning pages, and much more.

If you’re having trouble finding what you’re looking for, use the search feature on your browser (ctrl+F) to find it easy peasy.  And feel free to grab anything else you see that you might be able to use!

All of these fun downloadable products are FREE for your use.  Use them however you want–at home, in the classroom, as confetti–totally up to you!  Just click on the pic and the freebie should download automatically.  I hope you enjoy using them as much as I enjoy creating them.

Homeschool Printables

5 Types of Plot worksheet will help young students understand the different plot types and complete a task about the type of plot used in the book they're reading



Download 5 Types of Plot




This worksheet gives your kids a chance to learn about the 5 basic types of plot and chart out their own books to figure out what type of plot they’re reading.  Use with Teaching Plot Structure: 5 Types of Plot.


Free printables to help kids learn the elements of plot



Download Elements of Plot




These worksheets will help your littles learn and understand the elements of plot. Use with Teaching Plot Structure: The Elements of Plot.

Free download-plot structure printable to teach the 3 basic approaches to story



Download Plot Structure: Story Type




This worksheet will help your kids track the type of story  they are reading as a step to understanding plot structure.  Use with Teaching Plot Structure: 3 Types of Story.

This 5 page Finding Theme free printable will help your students find the theme of any novel.

Download Finding Theme Workbook



This workbook contains 5 pages to help your kids grasp the theme of any novel.

A table and a Venn diagram for comparing modern and ancient China, perfect for use with Carole P Roman’s If You Were Me and Lived in Ancient China.

This free Character Map printable is great for helping your students read with purpose in your homeschool or classroom



Download Character Map



This character map will help your children remember characters and understand them better.  From Reading with Purpose.

Let's Learn About Turkeys Free Printable



Download Let’s Learn About Turkeys




9 pages of Turkey facts and activities!  From 21 Turkey Books for Turkey Day.

Free zoo printable pack



Download Zoo Printable Pack




This pack goes great with Put Me in the Zoo by Robert Lopshire and If I Ran the Zoo by Dr. Seuss.  It’s full of imaginative zoo activities for your littles.  Check out the books here.

seuss bookmarks


Download Dr. Seuss Bookmarks



Just for fun.  For everyone.  Let your littles keep their places in every book they read with fun and inspiring Dr. Seuss quotes. From 11 Sensational Activities for Dr. Seuss Day!









Download Book Journal Cover and Book Journal Prompts









This printable includes a journal cover and 2o journaling prompts to use when reading any book.  From Journaling to Understand Fiction.


The Olden Times Newspaper Template for Biographies


Download The Olden Times Newspaper Template



This template is for use with biographies and includes 2 pages for writing interview questions and answers.  From Making Biographies Interesting.

autumn scavenger hunt



Download Autumn Scavenger Hunt




This is a fun scavenger hunt for all ages.  Great for welcoming fall!  From Psssst… A Lit Mama Surprise.
Fairy Tale Venn-LitMamaHomeschool



Download Fairy Tale Comparison Venn Diagram



We used this to compare Little Red Riding Hood and Lon Po Po for an Asian unit study.  From How Could I Forget How Fun This Is?!



Download Animal Study Worksheet





This is a great worksheet for beginning research, doing a nature study, or just learning about a favorite animal.  From Animal Study Freebie.

Science Research Paper Topics



Download Summer Science Research Paper Topics




This download is a copy of the research paper topics we are using for our 2016 summer science class.  Even if you aren’t enamored of all the topics I picked, some of them might be right for your littles.  Or it might give you ideas for making a list of your own! From Rocking Summer Science.

shakespeare quotes



Download William Shakepeare’s Quotes




This great download will give your littles an introduction to some of the greatest quotes from various plays and allow them the chance to interpret them.  It is a quick way to look at the language used by Shakespeare so your littles can learn what to expect when they read a play.  From Celebrating Shakespeare.

garden planning pages



Download Garden Planning Pages




This 3-page unit includes a calendar to keep track of when major changes happen to your plants, a grid on which to plan a garden, and a shopping list page for a visit to the nursery.  From Free Garden Planning Pages.

my plant diary



Download My Plant Diary Pages



This 6-page unit includes a plant diary and blank calendar pages so your littles can keep track of plants they’re growing. From Free Garden Planning Pages.

bird report



Download Bird Study Notebooking page




This detailed bird report gives your little a chance to notebook about birds and learn as much as possible.  From Counting Blue Birds.

celebrate spring



Download Celebrate Spring




A 10-page study on all things spring, this is a great addition to your spring nature study. From Celebrating Spring in Your Homeschool.

Book Party

Wizard of Oz Gift Tags - Free printable!



Download Wizard of Oz Gift Tags for a Book Party



If you’re making gift bags for a book party, these will make wonderful themed gift tags. From Throw a Book Party!



 Download Mad Tea Party Place Settings 




These place settings can be printed out on cardstock to be used for a book party. From Throw a Book Party!

Secret Garden Party Banner -- Great for a book party!




Download Secret Garden Party Banner



With Pictures from The Secret Garden and the words HAPPY BOOK DAY! this banner is perfect for your next book party. From Throw a Book Party!

Library Card Invitations - Free printables for a book party



Download Library Card Invitations




These fun invitations can be printed on card stock and filled out in numerous ways.  Put the party title in the title space, the guest of honor or hosts in the author space, and use the rest of the card to fill in the details. From Throw a Book Party!


General Homeschool

Homeschool Weekly Planner



Lit Mama’s Homeschool Planning Pack




This pack includes 3 pages of homeschool planning, including a weekly calendar, a daily curriculum sheet, and a weekly project planner

Free Close Reading Printable Pack from Lit Mama Homeschool



Download Close Reading Printable Pack




This yummy printable has 10 pages of worksheets for digging deeper into characterization, setting, making connections, and finding themes, plus notebooking pages for book reports or keeping track of the book as you read. From Free Close Reading Printable Pack.

weekly project planner



Download Weekly Project Planner




This planner is brilliant for keeping projects for every subject planned and for checking to make sure you have all the necessary supplies.  It also provides you a place to list any prep work you should do for your projects.


daily curriculum planner   Daily Curriculum Planner

This is a great planning tool for mapping out each day in a subject.  As a quick reference, it has saved my life many times.


Homeschool Weekly Planner



Download Homeschool Weekly Planner




This weekly planner can be printed out 2-sided so you can add it to a planning binder and be able to see each weekly plan at a glance.



book report   Book Report Form

This book report form includes a section for your child to write a synopsis of each chapter, along with fields for main plot synopsis, character lists, and publishing info.  It’s a great beginner’s book report that will help your child learn what is expected when he or she starts writing reports in essay form.

Reading journey log



Download My Reading Journey Book Log




An awesome way for your little to keep track of the books she’s read.

Belongs To book labels



Download This Book Belongs To Labels




With 4 labels per sheet, your little will be able to personalize all of his books.

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