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Need a little literary help?

The Hobbit Activities for Learning

The Hobbit is an incredible novel that has been popular for decades for a reason–action, adventure, and heroes in unlikely places?  Plus Gollum?  How can you not be in?!

This free download will give your littles plenty of activities to make the story come alive in their minds, and it’s yours for FREE when you sign up.   Diary entries, letters, essays, and other suggestions will have your young readers thinking hard about what they’re reading all while having fun.  Crafts and art projects will make them feel like their bringing the story to life.

If you’ve ever worried if your littles are old enough for this book, the answer is YES!  This download will make it even more fun as they consider what it would be like to be a hobbit, live in the Shire, and go on grand adventures.

  • Over 60 writing prompts for reading comprehension
  • 15 ideas for activities to get your readers excited about the book
  • Notebooking pages and more!


Hobbit Activities for Learning - writing prompts and other activities to help young readers understand Tolkien's wonderful novel

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