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12 Months of Literary Activities: Treasure Island

Treasure Island activities include reading extensions for history, geography, and science and a craft tutorial and template for a treasure map

Pirates.  Ships.  Treasure.  Mutiny. Danger.

Treasure Island has all the things to inspire a kid’s imagination.  The story of Jim Hawkins and his quest for treasure has enchanted children for almost 150 years.  I know my boys absolutely adored the story, even during the cringe-worthy scarier parts.

Stevenson’s adventure is a perfect introduction to classic literature for younger kids and is still action-packed enough to engage older kids.  And you know me, if it offers ways to teach other subjects, I’m All In.

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12 Months of Literary Activities: Peter Pan

Peter Pan activities include this Croc Clock Puppet craft for kids plus reading extensions for history, science, and more

Peter Pan.  Little boys who never grow up.  Fairies. Pirates. Magic.

There is nothing in Peter Pan not to love.  I mean, it’s not cool that pretty much all the grownups are pirates, but I can rest easy knowing that I only grew up as much as I had to, and I’m definitely not a pirate.

This story is timeless because it sparks the imaginations of young and old alike.  It’s full of wonder and fun.  And awesome things to learn about.
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12 Months of Literary Activities: Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies activities include history and science reading extensions and a Tissue Paper Parachute craft for kids. Part of 12 Months of Literary Activities.

Lord of the Flies.   Just wow.  Such a deep look at human nature.

Yeah, most people save it for high school at the earliest.  And it’s totally okay if you do that for your kids.  It’s a little scary to contemplate what goes on with a bunch of 6-12 year old boys when they’re left to their own devices.  It makes us think about our own base instincts and what might happen to us if we were in the same situation.

So maybe it should wait till middle school.  But you know me.  I don’t believe in reading levels.  If you think your kids are old enough for the themes and some of the plot line, then read it with them.  It provides such fantastic opportunities to discuss behavior and how we should treat other people.
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A Little Princess Power Never Hurts

Early Chapter Book Review: PJ Larue's The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool features princess power your daughters can admire that won't make you cringe

Getting to be part of Multicultural Children’s Book Day is not only an honor for me, it’s a great way to find new books to bring to you.

And you know that’s my favorite thing ever.

So when I was offered the chance to get at PJ LaRue’s Mystic Princesses books, I dove right in.

There’s a pun there.  You’ll get it later.
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