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Story Time: Uncle Rocky, Fireman-Sparky’s Rescue

Story Time: Rocky Hill, Fireman-Sparky's Rescue includes free printables and tutorials for dalmatian activities and crafts

Y’all, I’m having so much fun introducing you to James Burd Brewster’s wonderful Glad to Do It! Series.  This month, I’m featuring Uncle Rocky the Fireman again, only this time he’s looking for a firehouse dog.  And you know what that means…


I was already in love with this series, but now that I’ve gotten my hands on this one I’m feeling a little obsessed.  Sparky’s Rescue is not only super informative about dalmatians, it’s an homage to adopting pets who need good homes.  Every time I read one of Mr. Brewster’s books I am completely floored by how much information he can pack into a fun picture book.  These stories not only entertain, they teach.

That, my friends, is the stuff.  So let’s hop right to some fun activities that will help your kiddos learn even more.  Because yeah yeah.

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11 Fun Valentine Activities for Kids (WTRW)

11 Fun Valentine Activities for Kids

Do you know why I love Valentine’s Day?  It’s not just because my husband never fails to come home with flowers and a beautiful card and some other gift he knows I’ll love (though that totally helps).

No, the main reason I love Valentine’s Day is because it lends itself so beautifully to crafting with littles.  There are so many different activities you can come up with to make the holiday fun for kids.  Who needs all that other stuff when you can spend the day creating memories?

Because I love ya, I’ve gotten together some of the best Valentine’s posts for this year from other bloggers and I’ve come up with 11 different things you can do with your littles to make February 14th fun.
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Story Time: The Valentine Bears

Story Time: The Valentine Bears - Crafts and activities to go with the picture book

You know I love the Bunting.  And this book… Oh my, I have always loved it.  Because of course bears should get to celebrate Valentine’s Day, too.  They love each other, don’t they?

Well, Mr. and Mrs. Bear do, very much, and this fun book with its beautiful illustrations by Jan Brett (Are you kidding me?  Both of them together?!) is sure to get your littles in the mood for a little V Day action.  The kind that involves glue, glitter, and sugar cookies.  Yeah yeah.

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Unit Studies for Picture Books

The Complete List of Story Time Unit Studies from Lit Mama Homeschool

When I was a children’s librarian, my favorite part of the job each week was Story Time.  I loved putting together activities to help all those littles enjoy books.  I would pick one book and come up with crafts, activities, and snacks to go with it.  It was so. much. fun.

Little did I know I was pretty much making unit studies.  Until I left the workforce to become a homeschooling mama, I didn’t even know what a unit study was.  And it took me a year of blogging to realize I could create Story Times for you, my beautiful readers, to use in your own homeschools, libraries, or classrooms.  In fact, when I started Story Time, it was just supposed to be a series to celebrate October and all the wonderful books available for that time of year.

But I crush too hard on this Story Time stuff.  And I love helping you out.  So I did one or two in November.  Then December.  And a regular thing was born.
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