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Need Novel Studies for Your Homeschool or Classroom?

My friends, I have had a full week.  And not necessarily in a good way.  But a couple of hours with my bestest friend last night eased it all for me, and I am ready to face the coming days.  Isn’t it nice to have someone you can count on to just listen when you’re feeling low?  Whoever that person is for you, thank him or her today.  Because I have even more full days coming up and thanks to my Abby I can focus now and get all this work done.

What work? you may ask.

If you have been reading my blog for very long, then you know I started this thing with the goal of selling novel studies to other homeschoolers that were thorough and affordable while being high-quality.

May I have your attention, please?

May I have your attention, please?

This week I got 3 finished.  It has been a long road for me, mostly because schooling my Littles is my first priority and doing all the blog work involved in being successful–posting, networking, contacting affiliates and companies for reviews and…  if you blog, you get me–is time-consuming.  I’ve had a little trouble finding the time to get enough novel studies perfected to make me feel comfortable opening a shop.

I feel like there should be a drumroll here, but the spin cycle on the washer will have to do (I swear, it’s thumping away right now.  I should go balance that load).

I am announcing today that next Wednesday, May 25, will be the Grand Opening of my eshop, where I will sell my Lit Looking Glass Novel Studies and larger unit studies.  I will have 3 novel studies and 1 unit study available on Wednesday, and I will be adding to that number as I get more completed.  If you’re considering any of these books for summer reading or next school year, these novel studies have 3 sections for each chapter.

  1. Vocabulary–I’ve pulled words from each chapter that kids might struggle with and put them into a worksheet where littles can match them with the definition.  This can be used before the chapter, during the chapter, or after the chapter, however you wish.
  2. Study Questions–For each chapter there is a list of questions for your Little to answer.  Reading comprehension, who-what-where-when, and critical thinking questions are included.
  3. Activities–For each chapter, there are 1-3 activities to help your littles remember what they’ve read.  These can be crafts, experiments, food, writing activities… really, just about anything fun and related to the chapter

And never fear, mama, there are answer keys. 🙂

Lit Looking Glass Novel Studies are kind of like my Story Times on steroids.  I try to write them so they can be used by all ages–one of the reasons I had this idea to begin with was that I got aggravated that all of the Oliver Twist studies I could find were either waaay expensive or aimed at college students.  We read it when the Littles were in 4th & 6th ‘grades,’ and I needed a study they could relate to.  (Also, do not worry… I did write that novel study, and it will be available to you for cheap and for your littles in the near future.)

I. am. so. freaking. excited about this.  Here are the books the first few novel studies are for:

complete tales of winnie

Winnie the Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner by A. A. Milne


tuck everlasting

Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt



rabbit hill

Rabbit Hill by Robert Lawson


china unit study pic

And don’t forget that a unit study for China will be available, too.  It includes geography, history, religion, and animal science with lots of activities to do to help your littles study that incredible country.

I hope you’re all as pumped about this as I am.  I’m so glad to finally feel like I’m at a point where I can offer them.  Spread the word, dear readers, if you will.  I promise you with all my heart my novel studies will be quality additions to any homeschool or classroom.

Celebrate with me?  And don’t forget to stop by next Wednesday and check out the shop!

Love wins,


14 Fabulous Sites for Free Homeschooling

14 fabulous sites for free homeschooling

Sometimes, life hands you a blog post.  I had intended to write about something very different today, but last night a woman I like very much pm’d me on Facebook.  Her daughter is about to start homeschooling her own littles, and she wondered if I could advise them where to go to get free curriculum.  I started getting the list together for her, and I realized this list might benefit a whole lot of people, even veterans looking to spruce up their schooling plans.  So rather than pm her back and keep all this yummy goodness between us, I thought it might be a good idea to share it with you, too.  I’m cool like that.

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Big Changes Around Here

I’m very excited to welcome you to the brand-new Lit Mama Homeschool!  Oh, it’s still the same old Lit Mama Homeschool; it just has a new look and some new features.  First thing I want you to notice is that all of the free pdf worksheets I’ve offered on the blog in the past year now have their own home (under Freebies in the top menu).  I will be adding to those as time goes on, because I want my readers to know how much I appreciate them, and what better way than giving you usable stuff for free?  🙂

Grows Up

I’m also venturing into the world of product reviews and ads for the site, but that won’t change the quality and heartfelt manner in which I post.  My goal all along has been to establish a site which would provide solid advice for other homeschoolers while generating a bit of income for my family.  That being said, I hope you will appreciate it when I get my store up and running and begin selling (on the cheap) some of my unit studies, novel studies, and other wonderful ebooks and pages to help make your homeschool journey easier.  I have mentioned before (though it’s been a while), that the reason I started writing my own novel studies was because I was having trouble finding the ones I needed, and when I could find them, the prices were a bit outrageous.  I’m hoping to provide you with prices that will make you smile rather than cringe for products that will reduce your workload as a teacher.  My goal is to have a few things ready for the store by the end of July (so keep your fingers crossed for me–most of you know how terrible I am at meeting deadlines!).

This is a really amazing step for me, and I’m pumped to dive in to the complete world I envisioned when I started Lit Mama.  I want to thank all of my subscribers from the very bottom of my heart for making this possible.  Without you, I’m just talking to myself, and none of this would have come to fruition.  You rock.  Also, I need to let you know that if you followed the old version of Lit Mama through WordPress and still want to get notifications in your inbox, you’ll have to re-subscribe to the new site.  Easy peasy.

I’ve been out of the loop for the most part for nearly a week because I wanted this new site to be perfect before I launched it, and it was a lot of work.  If I have neglected my reading (and writing), rest assured I will be back to my old self in a day or two.  Monday at the latest.  There are a few more bugs to work out, but I hope to be back to old habits by then.  Monday, I swear! haha

In the meantime, have a look around my new digs, make yourself at home, and enjoy this beautiful summer.

Love wins,