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Conquering Your Homeschool Fears

Recognize your homeschool fears and learn how to conquer them to make it easier to start your homeschool journey

Staring down the end of our homeschool year always makes me think about the mamas out there who are still on the fence about homeschooling. Spring is crunch time for us mamas.  Are we going to enroll our littles in public school or take on their education ourselves?

The summer 2018 session will begin our 8th year homeschooling–my boys are now in middle and high school–and I’m totally willing to share what I’ve learned with you.  Maybe it will help you choose homeschooling more easily.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a hard decision and a scary one.  You probably have valid reasons for considering homeschooling your kids, but chances are you’re struggling with the same fears I had in the beginning
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Story Time: Snowmen at Christmas

Story Time: Snowmen at Christmas - Crafts and activities to go with the picture book

Oh my.  Have you read this book with your littles?  If not, you’re in for a treat.  If so, then I have some ideas to make it even more special this holiday season.

Snowmen at Christmas is an absolutely gorgeous book.  The story, in gentle rhyme, tells all about how snowmen celebrate Christmas all through the night of Christmas Eve.  And it’s good.  Really good.  But the most special part of this book is the stunning illustrations by Mark Buehner.  The colorful Christmas lights reflecting on the snow.  The warm street lamps and the shop windows.  These pictures evoke the warmth and beauty of the holiday season as well as any evening spent in front of your own Christmas tree.

This book has the stuff.  No doubt.

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Little Women Activities for Learning

Little Women Activities for Learning

You guys.  I love this book.

I mean, come on.  Strong female characters.  Girls who chase their dreams.  A beautiful family life.  And Christmas.  Sweet Christmas.  This is another one I like to read during the holidays and have read many times.  Because limes.

Okay, that’s not why, but I do love the limes scene.  I love all the scenes.  In fact, it’s hot and this book makes me think of winter, so I might start reading it tomorrow.

Limes, y’all.
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Story Time: The Giving Tree

Story Time: The Giving Tree - Crafts, activities, and free printables to go with the picture book

Earth Day is this Friday, and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate it than to do a Story Time on Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree.  We are huge Silverstein fans in this house.  His poetry is one of the myriad ways I introduced the Littles to verse.  This particular book… It is the consummate environmental children’s book.  It is so lovely, the idea that a tree could love a boy so much she would give him everything.  When you think of all the things trees do for us–provide us with warmth, with our very homes, give us shade and fruit, even supply the very paper you might print my freebies out on–when you consider all that, you have to also remember that there isn’t an unlimited supply of trees on the planet and we should do our level best to replace what we use.

Why?  Well, I believe Silverstein would tell you trees have feelings, too.  And I would have to agree.

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