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Rainy Day DIY Table Games for Kids

Foosball, Tic Tac Toe, and Memory are fun and easy DIY Table Games for Kids to keep your little ones occupied on a rainy day

Guest blogger Mark Cop loves to expound on his principle love – foosball. Because of that, he hangs out in the Foosball Zone where he helps people new to foosball by giving them information about the numerous tables available.  To see his work, visit Mini Foosball Table | Foosball Zone

Rainy days are perfect days for a blanket and a movie for an adult, but what about kids? It is hard to stay inside when you know that outside you can jump, run and play.  Having to spend the entire day inside can cause boredom and no parent wants that. I want to share with you some great DIY projects for you and your kids to have fun making and playing!
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