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Standing Up for Our Girls One YA Novel at a Time

Standing Up for Our Girls One YA Novel at a Time - Letting them know it's better to commit to love than to fall for the love triangle

If you’ve been hanging around Lit Mama long, you know me.  You know kids are my favorite people, YA is my favorite age range to read (and write), picture books steal my heart, and Dystopia is my genre du jour.  You know I read more often than not and that I think literature in any form is key to a good education.

Having said that, I have a gripe.

Because you probably also know that I believe that authors, Especially Children’s Authors, have a responsibility beyond telling a good story and having good grammar.  I believe that if you’re going to get famous and make a living on the backs of our nation’s youth, you should set an example.  Be honest, yes.  Be raw because kids see through the facades.  Just don’t encourage behavior that is less than what you would expect from your own daughter or son.

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Reading Is Supposed To Be Fun!

9 unique ways to make reading fun

We live in a world where entertainment is as close as the nearest screen.  Even I, the crazy book lady, can fall prey to a serious case of Netflix binging.

I’ve noticed that a lot of kids would rather play video games or apps or watch cartoons than open a book.  Reading is not exactly an instant gratification type of media.

So we have a job ahead of us as mamas.  We have to start our kids on books early.  We have to show them that reading is fun.  And we have to help them learn how to enjoy the slower, truer gratification of reading a good book.
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Celebrating Mom – 12 Books and a Craft

12 Picture Books that Celebrate Mom for Mother's Day and a Foil Flower Bouquet

Is there anything better in the whole wide world than a mama?

My mama is still my hero and I have never for a moment doubted her love for me. I believe my boys have never had any reason to doubt my love for them. Mamas rock. All of us. We have the proof in our little ones who still see us through the stars in their eyes.

May is the month for Mommies  Mother’s Day is sneaking up on us fast, so I just had to get together a list of books for you and your littles to celebrate the love only a mother and her child understands.

And this craft for you to do together?  It rocks.

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Jenny Wren – A Gentle Fostering

Jenny Wren from JourneyForth Books is a gentle middle grade novel about a young girl who desperately needs a home and the couple who give her one.

“The sudden perking sound of a tractor starting woke Jenny.  The first thing she saw was an airy curtain lifting lightly on an August morning breeze.”

So begins one of the most lyrical, gentle middle grade books I’ve ever read.

My favorite thing in the whole world (as you probably know) is sinking in to a truly good story and living there for a while.  And I must say, I got that and more with Jenny Wren by Dawn L. Watkins  from JourneyForth Publishing.

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