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YA Book Review: A Tragic Kind of Wonderful

Review of the YA novel A Tragic Kind of Wonderful by Eric Lindstrom - Lit Mama Homeschool

This book.  This book, y’all.  I have Never (and I really mean that) felt so much sympathy for a character.  I have never so strongly cheered a character on or felt such a tremendous amount of hope as I read.  And she was written by a boy.  And Eric Lindstrom has his own special kind of magic.  How is this only his second book?  How does an author get that honed that quickly?  I’m in awe.

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Story Time: In November

Story Time: In November Crafts and activities for the picture book by Cynthia Rylant 

In November is one of those lyrical, gorgeous picture books you want to read over and over again and hope your littles will, too.  That way you have an excuse.  But you don’t need one.  Read whatever you want to.  You’re a grown up.  You finally make the rules.

Sidetracked.  (Imagine that.)

Anyway, I thought this would be a good book to lead us into the next month and all the changes it brings.  Because October is when the world lights up and November is… well, it’s kinda when the lights go out.  Which is cool in its own way, as Ms. Rylant shows us in the brilliant pages of her book.  Between her words and Jill Kastner’s sweet illustrations, November starts to feel pretty cozy.  If you have a little who hates the onset of winter, this one may help her appreciate the coming months a little more.

So let’s do some of my favorite leaf activities as a final hurrah to the best of autumn and a nod hello to bare-boned, stick-figure trees.  While we still can.
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