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Hold an Outdoor Book Tasting for Kids

An Outdoor Book Tasting is a fun way to get kids interested in books and reading!

Summer means getting outside for learning.  What better way to take the classroom outside than to hold an outdoor book tasting for kids?

I mean, this stuff is fun.  It’s  an incredible way to get kids engaged in reading and excited about my favorite-ist thing in the whole wide world–BOOKS!

If you have kiddos who are interested in one genre and like to stick to it, a book tasting is a great way to introduce them to new stuff. If you have some friends you can invite over to take part, ask them to bring books with them so there’s a large variety.  Your kiddos are sure to find something new to read, even if you just check out new books from the library to use.

A book tasting is very like a wine or food tasting, but a lot easier to put together.  And nobody gets drunk or fat as a result!

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Animal Farm Activities for Learning (with printables)

Animal Farm Activities for Learning includes over 50 prompts and ideas for reading comprehension and story enjoyment

Getting your young readers hooked on a good story doesn’t have to be too difficult, but sometimes comprehending the story isn’t enough.  Sometimes comprehending the meaning behind the story requires us to think on a deeper level.  For me, those are the best kinds of books.

One of my favorites in that respect is Animal Farm by George Orwell.

Basically a political treatise disguised as a children’s fable, Animal Farm has all the things.  And since it does, it might take a little work to get your readers thinking about it and understanding it the way they should.

Don’t worry.  I got you.  But first let’s talk about some of the key strategies for reading comprehension that you should implement no matter what you’re reading.

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Why Guided Reading is Our Everything

Tips for guided reading fun, including activities, comprehension, and more!

Here at Lit Mama Homeschool, our favorite class (as you may already know) is guided reading.

When I say guided reading, I mean reading aloud together, going over vocabulary from the book, answering questions out of study guides I create for each book, and doing some sort of hands-on activity that helps us keep that day’s chapter in our minds. For me, it’s the most important class we do.

Let me tell you why.
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What’s Your World Like?

Break out of your 'It's my world' mentality and give your littles more.  Expand their world by introducing many different worldviews.  Even if that different view is as close as your spouse.

Everybody’s world is different.  No matter how much we want to think of the world being just one place, we all come at it from different backgrounds and histories, and that makes this billions of worlds all coexisting on one planet.

In my world, everyone knows the story of Achilles and his heel, everyone has seen The Sound of Music and West Side Story, and everyone has read classic novels and understands references to them.  That is how I think.  It does not often occur to me to think of the world differently.

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