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Save Your Sanity With a Quiet Time Basket

               Put together a Quiet Time Basket of goodies for sanity-saving (and quiet!) independent fun

Aaaahhhh…. A little afternoon quiet, anyone?

Ok, so sometimes our kids have those days.  You know the ones…  “He took my toy.”  “She touched me.”  “They won’t let me play.”

The days when you want to lock yourself in the bathroom with a box of chocolates, a good book, and a pair of noise-blocking headphones and pretend nothing exists outside the room.  But you don’t really have that option, do you, mama?  No telling what those kids would do while you were hiding.  You just can’t risk it.

What is a busy, loving mama to do?

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Top 5 Parenting Tips of 2016

Top 5 Parenting tips of 2016 from Lit Mama Homeschool

You’re not seeing double.  Two posts today.  Two! 

You know me.  I’m always running my mouth (err… keyboard) about something.  But I really only do so when I have something good to share with you: something I know you can use to better your homeschool, make reading fun, or find good books for your littles.

But I also sometimes give some good parenting tips, things you can use in general to help your littles grow.

January is ending, and we have a whole wonderful year ahead of us to get more out of me, but right now let’s look back at the 5 most popular parenting tip posts of 2016.  Because there might just be a nugget in there you can use.

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