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3 Reading Printables and a Lit Board Game

Make their reading experience even more fun with 3 free printables and a Lit Board GameTo wrap up 10 Days of Summer Reading Activities, I’ve put together some fun reading printables for you.

Because I love ya.

Sometimes you just need a way to chart your child’s daily reading, keep track of the books he wants to read, or for gosh sake, find a bookmark.

So I got ya.
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How to Make a Character Time Capsule

Create memories with a Character Time Capsule from any book your kids are reading

Have you ever made a time capsule?

You know, you gather a bunch of memorabilia together, stuff that is important to you or speaks to who you are as a person, put it in a box, and bury it to be found later so people of the future will get you.

We did that for my senior class in high school.  Each member of the class put in one thing that represented him or her as a person and it got… buried?  I don’t know.  Total transparency, I think I skipped that day.

Hey, it was the last week of senior year and I was an honor roll student.  I deserved a break.

Well, my delinquent shenanigans aside, I have a very cool idea today for making reading fun.
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Bridge to Terabithia Activities for Learning

Bridge to Terabithia Activities for Learning contains more than 75 activities for reading children to get a better understanding of the book. Great for homeschool or classroom.

We love Bridge to Terabithia.  We loved the film made from the book.  In fact, I’m betting Littlest watched that movie more than 100 times.  So we had to read the book.  It’s one of his favorite stories ever.

Katherine Paterson is an incredible children’s author.  She writes books that speak to kids and help them understand their own reality, but she also captures childhood so well that she transports even the oldest reader back to her pre-teen days (no, I’m Not the oldest. Stop being mean).

If you ask my boys, though, they will tell you that Bridge to Terabithia is hands-down their favorite.  I guess they identify with Jess’s artistic soul. Which is good, because I never want them to be the kind of men society is trying to mold Jess into.  I don’t want anyone to mold them into anything.  I want them to be who they are.
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Take a Journey with a Reading Passport

A reading passport is a fun way for kids to keep track of books they've read. Create one of your own with this free printable.

If you don’t know me by now (sing it with me, 80s babies), let’s get one thing straight.

There are two things I love about reading books.

One is that they are a pleasant way to educate yourself without falling asleep over a textbook.

The other?  That’s the magic, my friends.  When I fall into a good book (and my most recent are The Colorado Kid by Stephen King and All Quiet On the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque), I get to go somewhere else.  With King I got to go to the Maine seacoast and listen to two quirky gentlemen tell a very eerie story.  Without Remarque, I would never have any idea what it was truly like to be a soldier in World War I.

That’s the stuff.
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