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Unit Studies for Picture Books


The Complete List of Story Time Unit Studies from Lit Mama Homeschool

When I was a children’s librarian, my favorite part of the job each week was Story Time.  I loved putting together activities to help all those littles enjoy books.  I would pick one book and come up with crafts, activities, and snacks to go with it.  It was so. much. fun.

Little did I know I was pretty much making unit studies.  Until I left the workforce to become a homeschooling mama, I didn’t even know what a unit study was.  And it took me a year of blogging to realize I could create Story Times for you, my beautiful readers, to use in your own homeschools, libraries, or classrooms.  In fact, when I started Story Time, it was just supposed to be a series to celebrate October and all the wonderful books available for that time of year.

But I crush too hard on this Story Time stuff.  And I love helping you out.  So I did one or two in November.  Then December.  And a regular thing was born.

Unit studies are marvelous things. 

We have used them in our homeschool since we began.  I love pulling from one subject to teach a variety of lessons.  You  might already know that we do that with geography.  When we study a continent, we study the history, art, music, gardens, and current events along with learning where each country is located.  But my favorite type of unit study is always going to be the ones I create from picture books.

There’s something magical about a picture book.  They are the first books we come in real contact with, and some of them stay with us our whole lives.  Your littles, whether they can read for themselves or not, get great joy from sitting with you among a collection of picture books, listening to you read to them, and poring over the illustrations.  It is the beginning of imagining a story come to life.  It’s the way they learn more and more about the world they live in.

Using a Story Time to engage your little adds to the magic.  Because it involves the whole concept of reading together, it doesn’t even seem like learning.  Your little can enjoy crafting, eating funny food, and even science experiments or deeper understanding from the printables provided.   There’s an entire school day in a Story Time if you work it right.  If you have your little help you prepare the snack, you’re adding math and domestic learning.  And that in itself is amazing.  Nearly every subject is covered.  If you haven’t tried one yet with your little, I’m cool enough to put links here to every Story Time I’ve ever created.  All of the printables are still available in my subscriber freebies.

So have a ball.  Create some magic.  Let’s do this thing.

The Big List of Story Times

If you want all your Story Times and printables for autumn or winter in one place, you can purchase the ebooks Story Time: Autumn  and Story Time: Winter in the Lit Looking Glass Shop.

And if you don’t love that book, you’re not my friend.

Love wins,


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  1. What a great way to keep children engaged! Picture books lay such an important foundation in life-long literacy! Your ideas are so important to accomplishing that. Great job!

  2. Such a great list of ideas! Pinning for the future!
    Lisa/Syncopated Mama recently posted…31 Games – Alphabet SoupMy Profile

  3. How wonderful! I love unit studies because realting everything to one theme helps in retention. It’s also more fun!
    Susan Evans recently posted…Bookshelf CakeMy Profile

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